Thursday, September 18, 2014
I continually recommend Frequent Flyer programs to everyone I speak with. I don’t understand not belonging to one or several of these programs. I generally check to see where I am planning to travel for the upcoming year. They I check to see who will fly (usually direct) to those locations. Then I join the program if I don’t already belong to a program that will accommodate my travel plans.

Besides flying, using the specific Airlines mileage credit card is the easiest way to earn miles. I actually paid my son’s college tuition with a mileage credit card! Use the credit card for groceries, eating out, gasoline, etc. We use our mileage credit card for all purchases now.

For several years I have used the American Airlines Frequent Flyer program. I use their business credit card too. This allows me to always board early and there is no charge for baggage. I can use the miles to purchase tickets, or bump up my reservation to first or business class. They allow me to use my miles to purchase tickets for other family members too. If I am ever short miles for a trip I am planning, I can purchase additional miles to use. American Airlines will send you notices of specials, hotel and rental car promotions, etc. You’ll have lots of reasons to travel and see the world with a Frequent Flyer program!