Saturday, July 19, 2014
Many times a customer will purchase a product based on the warranty. It is important to understand the wording on the warranty. We will get calls asking why a piece of luggage purchased many years ago cannot be repaired for free by the manufacturer. The customer will say “But, it had a lifetime warranty!” Some of the lifetime warranties are “limited”. You need to read the whole tag to understand what the limits are and what this will mean to you. While the luggage can often be repaired, the repair is not always covered under the warranty. Most warranties, say they cover manufacturing defects only. The warranty may exclude misuse, neglect, accidents, abrasions, solvents, water, or wear and tear from use. The warranty may not cover common carrier damage, such as airline damage. The warranty may tell you to examine your luggage after a flight, cruise, taxi trip, etc., and make an immediate claim to the carrier. Generally, these claims must be made within 24 hours. These are a few of the brand warranties, and as you can see, each brand has their own wording and different coverage. Briggs & Riley warranty – This is a “simple as that” lifetime warranty. It covers all damages including airline damage. Briggs & Riley will repair the bag at no charge. You are responsible for the shipping charges to the company or repair facility if you are not near one. Briggs & Riley has one of the most generous warranties in the industry. Victorinox – Different collections are covered under different warranties. Check each tag to see what is covered. Their “Carry With Confidence” warranty is the most generous and even covers airline damage if it occurs. You are responsible for the shipping charges to the company or a repair facility if you are near one. Tumi – They have an extensive warranty that has separate coverage for the length of time you have owned the product (and their bags last a long time!) Read it over and keep your receipt. For the first year, they even cover shipping charges to a repair facility. We have all of the warranty information for the luggage brands we carry on We have the contact information to make it easier for you to handle any warranty issue you may have. For the most part, luggage brands today seem to be made better and stronger. Premium brands are always the most practical for frequent travelers. You can call us, toll free, and we will try to assist you with any questions. Our toll free number is 1-888-898-5558 and our e-mail is