Monday, March 17, 2014
When you purchase a two-piece, three-piece or four-piece luggage set, it allows you to have choices when planning different trips. You can take the smaller size for short trips, and the medium or larger size for longer stays. When you pack and take all of the pieces, you are all set for longer vacations or cruises. Having a set of luggage will exceed your expectations and make traveling enjoyable. Best of all luggage sets are designed to “nest” for storage. You’ll put one inside the other for unsurpassed compact space saving. They can be stored easily and stay dust free. Plus, you always know you can plan to travel and be ready quickly! Traveling with luggage that matches makes it easier to spot your bag on crowded baggage carousels. Since luggage sets are often in bright or bold colors, they stand out in the sea of black. You also won’t need to search to match a piece later. Since many companies consider their colors to be “fashion”, they are changed rapidly. It is often difficult to match a “red” or “blue” shade from one year to the next. Check out our fabulous luggage sets from Adrienne Vittadini. These four piece sets include timeless designs that are sure to please. We also have Samsonite hard side luggage sets as well as the lightest weight IT luggage sets! Luggage sets come in traditional looks as well as vibrant fashion forward styles. All of our luggage sets include FREE shipping as well as FREE leather baggage tags monogrammed with your initials. You’ll quickly be able to say, “This is mine!”