Thursday, August 14, 2014
If you travel domestically, the TSA Pre-Check program is a huge benefit. My husband and I recently signed up for this program. We traveled from New York to Phoenix, Utah, Texas, and Florida using this fabulous time-saving program. We went through security faster than when we travel first class, and the lines were actually much shorter. We did not have to go through the X-ray machines, and we did not have to take off jackets, belts, sweaters or shoes. Although I had packed my liquids in the 3-1-1 bag, my husband had eye drops and a nose spray in his pocket and he had no problem going through security. It was very quick and efficient. I was wearing heels, and the machine “beeped” which I went through, but TSA said “It’s the shoes” and waved me through. (The same thing happened when I was on jury duty. I always “beeped” going through security.)

Signing up was very easy. We went on line to and got the information we needed. You must be a US citizen or have LPR status. You can read all of the information online so you’ll be ready for the appointment. We brought our drivers licenses and passports with us. When we called the local TSA pre-check office they said just to come right in. We could have made an appointment but they also took walk-ins. We had to answer some questions and we were finger-printed. The whole process with our waiting time took about an hour and a half. The cost is $85 per person and this is non-refundable.

In approximately three weeks we received a letter of confirmation with our determination of eligibility, along with our case number and traveler number. If you frequently travel internationally, you can also sign up for the Global Entry program. Go to for information on this program. Anything that saves time and offers efficiency at the airport is well worth the cost. With minimal effort, you’ll be on your way and breezing through security! Remember, some of the airlines have become stricter about carry on luggage. Try to keep the size you want to take on board within the limits and don’t overstuff so it will fit in the template when you get to the boarding area! You’ll be impressed by how convenient traveling is again!