Thursday, February 11, 2021
Fabulous in any home or office, Replogle makes beautiful globes made in the U.S.A. You’ll enjoy the fine quality and elegant designs wherever placed. A globe lets you enjoy our world and see all of the countries and oceans. In an office it adds luxury and gives everyone something to admire. In your home, it helps with homework, the news, crossword puzzles, travel, etc. Whether it is admired by the young or the old, it is always fabulous and educational. Graceful and truly awesome, a Replogle Globe can match any décor wherever it stands or sits.

The Replogle Cambridge Floor Globe (22818) is 38” tall in a walnut finished hardwood. It has three legs for stability and can be used in an entrance or large area. Vivid colors and clear details allow you to display our world and your good taste. For tabletop or desk display, the Replogle Leather Expedition Tabletop globe (35522) is real elegance and grace. Made of two tone leather, it is ornate and eye-catching wherever it stands. Made in the U.S.A., you know the excellent quality and design features are enjoyed by all.

When you love to look up at the sky, the Replogle Glencoe Constellation Desk Globe will impress. Frank Lloyd Wright design adapted from the brick pedestal design of the Glencoe Illinois Park, this is one beautiful globe. Waiting to discover the heavens, the Replogle Glencoe constellation desk globe shows stars, nebulae and constellations when not lit. When you use the illumination feature, it shows the celestial images. Made in the U.S.A., this fine Replogle Glencoe constellation desk globe will impress all who gaze upon its radiance. We include FREE shipping on all of the Replogle Globes.