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Sunday, December 2, 2018
On most domestic and international flights, the carry on overhead area is very crowded, as most travelers prefer to travel this way. You want to go smaller so taking the bag on board is easier! It will also be more convenient to squeeze the smaller sizes in the already over-stuffed overhead compartment. With so many airlines charging for baggage, carry on luggage becomes more and more important. Here are some suggestions to make each and every journey easier!

The Briggs & Riley Verb Pilot carry on luggage is sized at 21.5 x 14” x 9”. It weighs a lightweight eight pounds. The template at the airport calls for carry on luggage to be 22”x 14”x 9” so you will sized just right with the Briggs & Riley Verb carry on luggage. Also, the Briggs & Riley has the advantage of the trolley handle on the outside of the bag so there is actually more space inside for your packing needs. No lump or bump to have to pack around and cause wrinkles in your clothes. With hardside carry on luggage, the Swissbags GVA cabin size carry on w/front pocket is sized well at 21” x 14” x 8” and it weighs just 6.6 pounds. It also has a handy outside pocket for your essentials making them easy to access. The Hontus Caso Duo carry on hardside spinner luggage is 20” x 14.5” x 9” and weighs seven pounds. It has a wide trolley handle removing the bump inside the bag so it is spacious without the lump to pack around. Hardside carry on luggage protects the contents from harm as travelers put bags on top of yours!

As airline become more strict about the size of your carry on, it is efficient to go smaller. Traveling can be stressful, so eliminating the hassle at the airport and taking a smaller carry on is easier! We include FREE shipping and a FREE leather luggage tag monogrammed with your initials so it is always easy to identify your carry on bag as yours!

Monday, September 17, 2018
Respect our planet with the first biocomposite luggage in the world! Offered by EPIC Travelgear, this is a brand new innovative luggage for travelers everywhere.

EPIC luggage has introduced the first biocomposite luggage in the world! The Epic Travelgear Phantom BIO luggage is made of natural fiber reinforced with a polypropylene shell with and is industrial hemp fiber enriched. The lining is actually removable and washable and made of 55% organic cotton and 45% organic hemp textile. Having a washable removable lining is fabulous and keeps your clothing fresh in case something spills or leak inside the Epic luggage. This Epic Travelgear Phantom BIO luggage is available in small, medium or large or as a 3-piece luggage set!

The Epic Travelgear Phantom BIO luggage has a 7 year limited warranty that does cover airline damage if it should occur. The exterior is scratch and high impact resistant. It has a TSA combination lock built-in that is approved for airline travel. The zippers are rubberized and waterproof. It has a comfortable trolley handle in the “T” shape for rolling ease made of aircraft aluminum. Easy rolling is offered with the airspeed dualTrak spinner wheels that let you glide the Phantom BIO luggage easily in any direction. Lightweight and brand new, travel with the first biocomposite luggage in the world! We include FREE shipping and a FREE leather luggage tag monogrammed with your initials for quick identification wherever you go!

Saturday, April 1, 2017
The Briggs & Riley Transcend luggage SALE started today, March 31st, 2017! At 20% off, it makes this luggage an exceptional buy! This is a great time to purchase this well designed fabulous luggage for all of your travel needs! Keep in mind weddings, engagements, graduations, etc., and all of the occasions coming up when luggage makes the perfect gift! Remember, we include FREE leather luggage tags monogrammed with initials making it more personal and especially appreciated. It's easy to identify your Briggs & Riley Transcend luggage when you spot your initials!

Briggs & Riley Transcend luggage is a premium brand that has two very special features that separate it from all of the other bags! It has the trolley handle located outside of the bag. You know those annoying bumps and lumps inside most luggage? Well, the Briggs & Riley Transcend luggage has the bars outside of the bag, so the interior offers flat packing. That means less wrinkling and creasing. Plus, all of the interior is yours for your own packing needs. You don't lose important packing room to the trolley handle. The second exceptional feature that the Briggs & Riley Transcend luggage has is their Lifetime Performance Guarantee. This means that Briggs & Riley covers all parts and does NOT exclude airline damage. They will do all of the repairs at no charge! That means you travel worry free and easy!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016
You'll be amazed and impressed by the beautiful Ted Baker London Luggage! Their hard side luggage collection for women is elegant and regal! It is constructed of 100% Makrolon polycarbonate and their colorful designs use a water transfer technology. The digitally created print is applied by hand and two coats of laqcuer seal the design. It is then baked for seven hours to last! The designs are luxurious and stand out everywhere. Ted Baker London Luggage collections are simply gorgeous and spectacular! Each piece of Ted Baker London hard side luggage has a designer print interior adding packing elegance. It has bespoke hardware and each piece is stunning and eye-catching. Additionally, the Ted Baker London hard side luggage has a built-in combination lock that is TSA approved for airline travel along with easy rolling dual spinner wheels.

Ted Baker London luggage also makes a handsome hard side collection that is perfect for men or families traveling. In Burgundy and Graphite, this Ted Baker London luggage is like a refined fine suit. It has the features to make the journey easy, with dual spinner wheels and the built-in TSA approved combination lock. The interior is fully lined with the Ted Baker designer print Bird of Prey! The book opening design allows for efficient packing and unpacking. It impresses all with enduring quality exquisite good looks.

Of course, Ted Baker London luggage offers soft-sided luggage too. Their Falcolnwood collection is contemporary and elegantly designed. Available in Grey and Burgundy, it compliments their Burgundy and Graphite hard side luggage too. Each piece is fully lined with the Ted Baker Designer Bird of Prey print. They are lightweight and elegant with their eye catching combination. Spinner wheels let you roll the bags easily and they also have a built-in TSA combination lock that is approved for airline travel. Enjoy every trip with distinctive Ted Baker London Luggage! Shipping is FREE and we include a FREE leather luggage tag monogrammed with your own initials.

Monday, June 27, 2016
When you travel with hardsided luggage, the interior contents are more protected. Many of the brand have built-in locks that are TSA approved for airline travel. You can keep the case securely locked when traveling. Many of designed to be very light in weight, so you travel easily and well. You also won’t be hit by extra charges at the airport for overweight baggage. They do have spinner style wheels that roll easily for your convenience too. There is a huge selection of hardside luggage offered by many brands. Some of our recommendations are shown below:

Briggs & Riley Sympatico hardside luggage has two important features. It has the trolley handle on the outside of the bag giving you more packing room inside. There is not that interior lump that you need to pack around, and there is less wrinkling. The Briggs & Riley Sympatico Medium and Large size spinners are on SALE in Burgundy, Black and Marine Blue. These pieces also have the Briggs & Riley Simple As That guarantee that covers any damage that may occur. It even covers airline damage! These bags roll smoothly along on the dual spinner wheels. You can also “link” two pieces together and roll them both together. This is handy when trying to wheel more than one piece!

Hartmann 7R hardside spinner luggage is extremely light in weight. The large spinner is 29.9” tall and weighs just over seven pounds! Yet, it has all of the luxury features and functionality you want! It has the built-in TSA approved combination lock. It is made of an impact resistant shell and it has dual spinner wheels for easy rolling. With a leather top and side handle, Hartmann 7R luggage is luxurious and well designed! It offers traveling ease!

Ted Baker Luggage Bronze Herringbone it one of the most beautiful designs featured in hardside luggage. The interiors are lined in a Ted Baker print that is outstanding and elegant. This luggage has the dual spinner wheels for easy rolling, as well as the built-in combination lock that is TSA approved for airline travel. Made of 100% Makrolon polycarbonate, it is impact and scratch resistant. This elegant Ted Baker luggage stands out in a crowd and is easily spotted. We include a FREE leather monogrammed luggage tag! This is the best way to identify your bag as yours! We also include FREE shipping!

Monday, March 21, 2016
The Pendleton brand supports our national parks! Pendleton with their partners contributes up to $500,000 through 2016 to the National Park Foundation. Pendleton is committed to supporting our national parks. They are determined to protect and preserve one of America’s greatest treasures – our National Parks! Now, through Ricardo of Beverly Hills, they have introduced beautiful luggage to make traveling a joy! This outstanding brand is easy to spot and it always turns heads. You’ll admire the enamel metal logo plate on the front of the Pendleton luggage so you know it is the genuine brand. And yes, you will see this Glacier Park print on the famous Pendleton blankets!

The Pendleton Glacier Park luggage collection offers softside and hardside pieces. The hardside wheeled luggage in the 20” expandable and 27” expandable sizes are lightweight! They have quiet rolling recessed dual rolling spinner wheels for easy maneuverability. Simply push or pull the luggage or let it roll along side you as you walk to your destination. The premium dual wheels offer a smoother rolling experience and they can ride easily over multiple types of surfaces. Made of 100% virgin Makrolon by Covestro polycarbonate, the Pendleton luggage is built for every journey. It has hand applied accent detailing and protective aluminum corner guards. There’s a handy top and side lift handle made of vegan leather. The touch points are all made of vegan leather too. The interiors are fully lined with the Pendleton checked lining. Need more packing space or do you plan to bring back souvenirs? Simply expand the Pendleton luggage hardside spinners! It is like getting two bags in one! Durable and luxurious, you’ll enjoy everywhere you travel with the Pendleton luggage.

The softsided Pendleton luggage collection has a 20” travel tote and a 22” wheeled duffel. Made of a stain resistant coated canvas, this fabulous lightweight Pendleton luggage gets you there in style! Both styles have dual vegan leather handles for easy carrying. Brass zippers are easy to use and compliment the bags. Hand painted accent detailing and vegan leather trim define the Pendleton luggage. They are lined in the Pendleton checkered lining to match the hardside pieces and they have interior organization. You can slide the 20” travel tote over the trolley handle of your rolling luggage securely. Slip it on top of the 20” expandable spinner upright or the 22” wheeled duffel and go away for long weekends in style! The 22” wheeled duffel has inline skate wheels that will even go up and down curbs. There’s also a removable shoulder strap on the wheeled duffel for convenient carrying, and a handy outside accessory pocket. We include FREE shipping and a FREE leather luggage tag expertly monogrammed for you with your initials.

Sunday, February 14, 2016
With the airlines charging for overweight luggage, everyone is looking for luggage that is lighter in weight. Unfortunately, you need to look at the weight of the bag to find bags that are really lightweight. Every hang tag now says “lightweight”. But if you lift the bag, it isn’t always true. We list the weights of luggage to make it easy to tell really lightweight from just lighter than it used to be. The airlines are strict, and they don’t care if you are one pound or more over their weight limits. You see people at the airport repacking their luggage and offering to give away clothes, shoes, etc. It’s not fun, so first know the weight of the luggage you’re buying and then make your decision. It’s also easier to lift and take off the baggage carousel when your luggage is lighter in weight.

The Roncato UNO ZSL hardside luggage is luxurious with fabulous featured. Made in Italy, this Roncato luggage is lightweight! The carry on size is 5.4 pounds, the medium 28” weighs just 6.6 pounds and the large 30” size is 7.1 pounds. This luggage has a removable, machine washable lining that insures your luggage is always fresh and ready to travel. Made of premium European polycarbonate, it has a diamond finish that is scratch resistant. With a TSA combination lock, you’re all ready to travel with the airlines.

In softside luggage, the new Mia Toro Bernina 3-piece luggage is extremely lightweight. This three piece luggage set offers lightweight spinners in small, medium and large sizes. The 22” size weighs just 3.9 pounds, the 26” weighs 4.8 pounds and the 30” size is only 5.2 pounds. This is truly lightweight luggage. Designed in Italy, the luggage is made of a durable ripstop material. With Glide-Tech spinner wheels, you can conveniently roll the luggage in any direction. This Mia Toro luggage has a Flex Pack design that offers 25% more packing space. Two handy outside zippered pockets are ideal for last minute items and your travel essentials. When not in use, nest the luggage one inside the other for compact storage. As with all of your purchases from, we include FREE shipping and FREE leather luggage tags monogrammed exclusively for you with your own initials. Enjoy traveling ease with lightweight luggage!