Monday, November 10, 2014
Briggs & Riley will have reduced prices starting on November 19th, 2014. This fabulous collection of soft and hardside luggage will be $50 off for every $350 spent. If you purchase $700 of Briggs & Riley luggage it will be $100 off. This is a wonderful opportunity to purchase these durable bags with their Guaranteed for Life warranty. This is one of the few brands that warranties their luggage against airline, cruiseline, or common carrier damage! Rarely does your luggage get damaged when sitting in your closet, and often the limited warranties from most brands exclude airline damage. Frequent travelers appreciate this service from Briggs-Riley. Whatever repairs need to be made, it will be done at no charge!

Briggs & Riley offers their new Transcend collection that is lighter in weight along with their updated BRX luggage. They also have their traditional Baseline collection that has always been a favorite. Additionally, they have their new hardside Torq collection that is innovative and modern. The Torq hardside luggage also has the Guaranteed For Life warranty. The bags have an outside pocket that is so useful and handy when traveling. Need a business case and Briggs & Riley offers the @Work or Verb collections, all with that fabulous warranty.

Remember, that Briggs & Riley luggage has the trolley handle on the outside of the bag. There are no lumps to pack around and you do not lose important packing space. This is a big advantage that you’ll appreciate as you enjoy flat packing. There’s also less wrinkling to your clothing! Functionality meets luxury when you travel with this fine collection. It is always first class accommodations! The Briggs & Riley SALE ends December 31st, 2014, so take advantage of the savings for the holidays and your upcoming travel plans! This is the way to go!