Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Travelers are always asking us about the difference between the two wheeled luggage against the four wheeled luggage. Many of the hard side luggage pieces are only offering four wheels at this time. But often the soft-sided luggage like Briggs & Riley Baseline and Transcend or the Travelpro Maxlite offers the collection with a choice of four spinner wheels or two wheeled rollaboards. Tumi also offers their soft-sided cases with either two or four wheels. There are also great improvements in the spinner style wheels, so when you compare you need to look at the type of wheel offered.

The main difference between the two-wheel and four-wheeled luggage is the size of the wheels. The two-wheeled luggage offers a larger wheel. This makes a difference when going up steps or curbs. The two-wheeled models also handle difference surface changes quicker and more smoothly. For instance, when you go from carpet to tile to cobblestone, the two-wheeled models with their larger diameter can handle it. You’ll often see the four wheeled cases get twisted and you have to wait before proceeding along.

You’ll also notice among the spinner wheels you can choose dual wheel spinners. This is more like an eight wheeled spinner and it gives you more control and is less likely to get “twisted” when you go over different types of surfaces. You’ve wheeled a basket at the grocery store and know how they can get out of line for a moment. The single spinner wheels will often do the same when going over a bump or changes in the flooring. The newest spinner wheels are the “magnetic” style wheels that seem to glide along effortlessly over difference surfaces. The Travelpro Platinum Magna has these improved smooth rolling wheels. Briggs & Riley Baseline offers the dual wheel spinners with the slightly larger rear wheels to give better control and counteract the “twisting” when going over bumpy surfaces. Remember spinner wheels allow you to go in the direction best for the traffic pattern you encounter. They also take the weight of the packed case off your arm, hand and shoulder. The two wheeled models are mostly for those running through to their destination and not walking with the case smoothly rolling beside you!