Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Maybe you’re not driving a BMW car. However, you can certainly journey near and far with luxurious BMW luggage. And, if you do drive a BMW, the briefs have a built-in custom fit BMW electronic key pocket! How fabulous is that! Made of 1260 ballistic nylon that is durable and built to last, the bags have full grain leather trim. Modern, with a polypropylene molded internal frame, BMW uprights are extremely functional and well-designed. Trolley handles are made of aircraft grade aluminum. The dual spinner wheels are self-lubricating on sold steel axles. They have a stable base and will glide more smoothly in any direction. Lavishly detailed, the BMW luggage is regal and made of premium materials.

Available in Black, Brown or Champagne, this well-designed luggage has all of the modern features you want and need in your travels. BMW luggage offers the traditional uprights or “split-case” spinners for organized packing and unpacking. The “split cases” have an interior mesh divider as well as two zippered inside pockets. Opening like a book, you can easily separate your worn or dirty clothing for the trip home. The uprights have self-repairing lockable zippers, and the bags come with a TSA approved lock for airline travel. The traditional upright spinners are expandable. All the bags have a washable nylon lining. Slide the carry duffel over the trolley handle of your wheeled luggage and off you go!

The matching briefs are innovative with ScanSmart so you can get through airport security efficiently. They are designed so your laptop can remain inside so there is less loss and breakage. The briefs have interior laptop pockets. There are two backpack models with the same ScanSmart feature for travelers. They slide over the trolley handle of the wheeled luggage for convenience. These all have BMW authenticity serial number assignments to identify your case. Features abound in these luxurious, very refined bags. We include FREE shipping along with a FREE leather baggage tag monogrammed with your initials.