Sunday, June 8, 2014
When it comes to a briefcase, backpack, or laptop case, checkpoint friendly refers to the fact that it is designed to go through airport security with your laptop inside the bag. There are carry on cases designed with this convenient feature also. They are fabulous for frequent flyers, students and business travelers. You can appreciate this feature as you breeze through security.

Checkpoint friendly refers to the fact that the case with the laptop inside can be opened flat. When you open the bag on the conveyer belt, the x-ray machine can clearly see the laptop. The bag is designed to open completely, and not have any metal trim to interfere with the x-ray picture. The pocket that the laptop stores in has a full wide opening to lay flat. Many different manufacturers offer this modern feature. You can choose from Tumi Arrive T-Pass Kennedy deluxe expandable brief, or the Korchmar Chester Checkpoint Friendly brief. Many companies offer this style and you can find them in every price range! We have Kenneth Cole Reaction briefs for under $50!

This feature eliminates lost laptops as you can walk away and leave it in one of the bins. There is also less of a chance of damaging your laptop or breaking it as it will stay in the padded compartment designed for that purpose. Of course, security has the right to have you remove anything from the case when they feel the need to examine the bag. They are there to keep us all safe when flying! But these checkpoint friendly bags make going through security easier and faster.